Riding the Haunted Rails of Edaville Railroad

Edaville USA

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Edaville USA
5 Pine Street
Carver, Massachusetts 02330

Your $99 ticket includes dinner, lectures, and hours of ghost investigating in this storied park. Tickets are limited!

Please read our event policy before you purchase tickets.

6:30 PM to 1:00 AM

This is only the second time Edaville has ever been investigated! (We were the first back in 2014!) Join us under the light of a full moon!

In the deepest, darkest woods of Carver, Massachusetts, lies a park unlike any other–known for daytime fun and nighttime fright.

Little Cedar Swamp by Frank Grace

Ellis D. Atwood laid the groundwork for Edaville Railroad back in 1946, when he began purchasing two-foot gauge rails that were being unused in Maine and shipping them to his 1800-acre cranberry plantation in Carver. He used them to run a 5 1/2 mile track around his bogs, initially to transport cranberries but he soon began moving people around with them as well…and within a few years, the Edaville (named after his initials, E.D.A.) Railroad family fun park was born.

But long before Atwood began plucking cranberries from the grounds, the Native Americans knew there was a strange power over this land. Many of their spirits still roam the Edaville bogs and swamplands, and their spectral fires are often reported from those riding the Edaville train.

Edaville by Frank Grace

Not everyone who rode those rails returned safely…some trains wrecked and burned, taking their crew along with them. There is also the house that sits on the property, long rumored to be haunted by the spirit of a former resident who committed suicide in the home. And many of the midway rides at Edaville have been relocated from other closed amusement parks, bringing with them their own attached spirits and stories.

Then there is the ghost that roams the museum building, the former offices of the Ellis D. Atwood Cranberry Company. It was in this building where Atwood, working alone one chilly evening, went to the basement to get the furnace started and perished when it exploded. His widow Elthea has also been seen roaming the grounds in her wedding dress, pining for her lost husband.

Edaville by Frank Grace

Many park employees refuse to be alone in the buildings or out in the bogs at night, and with good reason. Come join us as we Legend Trip one of New England’s most unique locations, only the SECOND TIME any such event has ever been allowed at Edaville Railroad.


6:30 PM – Arrive/Meet and Greet

7:00 PM – Dinner

7:45 PM – Historical overview of the site

8:30 PM to 1:00 AM – Investigations
Edaville by Frank Grace

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20 thoughts on “Riding the Haunted Rails of Edaville Railroad

  1. Thia says:

    Are there any other dates other than may for this event?

    1. No, this is the one date for this event.

  2. Nancy says:

    Is there an age limit? I have a very interested 15 year old that would love to accompany me and she doesn’t scare easily! Just need to know if that is okay before I purchase tickets, thank you.

    1. Hello! 15 is okay as long as she is accompanied by a parent or guardian. More details in our event policy: http://www.legendtrips.com/about/event-policy/
      We look forward to seeing you both there!

      1. SeanX says:

        I wish n hope there is more dates coming…twould be fun…just investigating…via very small groups

  3. John says:

    What is the maximum number of attendees for this event? Thanks.

  4. Jackie says:

    Will we be walking the grounds to investigate, or investigating in the buildings?

    1. Both! We will have access to a few different buildings as well as the grounds.

  5. Debbie says:

    Is there any kind of hotel package or discount for this? Rooms are very expensive in that area. Or a recommendation? Thanks!

  6. Jt says:

    Are people allowed to bring hand held equipment for investigating?

  7. Liz says:

    Do you allow digital 35 mm cameras and other recording type devices?

    1. Yes we do! We encourage folks to bring their own equipment. We will also bring a limited amount of gear and tools that our guests are welcomed to use.

      1. Liz says:

        thank you Tim! Looking forward to tomorrow evening!

      2. Rickey says:

        Rain or Shine???

        1. Yes. All of our events are rain or shine.

  8. Michelle Anzivino says:

    Hi – looking forward to tonight! I didn’t receive tickets, only have my receipt for payment. Does that sound right?

    1. Yes, we’ll have your name on the master list.

  9. Eileen McCarthy says:

    Will you offer another tour/investigation in 2016 ? If not, can I get on mailing list for a date in 2017?

    1. Hi Eileen! There are no current plans to return to Edaville in 2016. But we have added you to our email list so you will get event alerts in the future. Thanks!

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