Haunting the Houghton

We have two options: Make a weekend of the event and join us Friday night for a meet-n-greet party at a haunted bar, or just join us Saturday for the event, dinner, and ghost hunt!

Friday, April 5, 2013 and/or Saturday, April 6, 2013

Meet-n-Greet Begins at 6PM on Friday


Houghton Mansion

214 Church Street

North Adams, Massachusetts


THANK YOU FOR A GREAT EVENT! Tickets are $149 each for the entire weekend or $125 for Saturday only and are limited. No tickets will be sold at the door. This is the only place to buy tickets.

Ticket includes meet-n-greet event (if purchased), lectures, dinner (Saturday night) and hours of ghost investigating inside the historic and haunted mansion.


Friday Night: Meet-n-Greet party at a local haunted pub/restaurant


2 PM: Check-in at Houghton Mansion

2:30 PM – 6 PM: Lectures, historic tour of the mansion, psychomanteum chamber sessions, experiments

6 PM – 8 PM: Dinner

8 PM – 2 AM: Ghost investigation of the Houghton Mansion

About the Haunt:

As seen on Season One of Ghost Adventures!

Built by the first mayor of North Adams in 1890, the mansion is now home to a Masonic Temple, though the secretive society isn’t the only resident. The building allegedly holds the ghosts of a suicide victim, A.C. Houghton himself, and the spirit of his daughter, Mary, who died in a tragic car accident August 1, 1914.

As Houghton’s fortune grew, so too did his real estate holdings. The mansion at 172 Church Street was his third and most lavish home in North Adams. The original roof was Spanish tile, the siding was clapboards that were thinnest near the bottom to give the illusion that the building was larger than it really was.

A.C. Houghton, his wife, Cordelia, and youngest daughter, Mary, moved in to the opulent mansion in 1900.

In 1905, when his health began to fail, Houghton resolved to cut back, but at 61 years of age, he still made his business affairs his top priority. It was during this difficult time that his daughter, Mary, announced she would never marry. She would instead devote her life to caring for her father.

Old age and poor health continued to wear down A.C. Houghton’s ability to work. In the spring of 1914, Houghton purchased his first car, a Pierce-Arrow, seven-passenger touring vehicle. He figured the rides in the country would be relaxing.

The family charged their loyal servant, John Widders, with the task of learning to drive the automobile. On August first of that same year, Houghton asked his newly-trained driver to bring the Pierce-Arrow around for a trip to Vermont. In the car that day was A.C., his daughter, Mary, and family friends Dr. Robert Hutton and his wife, Sybil of New Yorkl. At 9:00 AM, the group left North Adams with Widders driving.

About 30 minutes later, the Pierce-Arrow was in Pownal, Vermont, climbing a street now called Oak Hill Road. A team of men and horses were parked on the right-hand side of the road working on repairing the surface. Widders pulled Houghton’s car over to the left in an attempt to drive around the construction crew. The car’s tires hit a soft dirt shoulder of the street, which sent the vehicle tumbling down a steep embankment. All but Mary Houghton were thrown from the car. Mrs. Sybil Hutton was killed instantly when the Pierce-Arrow rolled on top of her. Mary, though, suffered serious injuries and died a few hours later at North Adams Hospital.

The three men only suffered minor injuries and were allowed to go home that same day. Though the state of Vermont cleared Widders of any wrong-doing, the Houghton’s trusted servant couldn’t forgive himself for the deaths. Early in the morning of August second, Widders went down to the basement of the Houghton’s barn and shot himself, taking his own life.

Though A.C. Houghton suffered no serious physical injuries during the accident, the tragic events broke his heart. He died ten days after the crash that took his daughter’s life.

The mansion remained with the Houghton family until 1926 when A.C.’s daughter, Florence, and her husband sold the building to the Freemasons.

Your $149 admission includes:

  • A Friday night Meet-n-Greet and paranormal party at the hotel.
  • Presentations by: Jeff Belanger; Ron Kolek; Tim Weisberg; and more!
  • Question and answer sessions with the speakers.
  • Dinner
  • Five-plus hours of ghost hunting throughout the mansion!
  • Plenty of free parking.


Hotel Accomodations:

Information coming soon!

Terms and Conditions:

– Tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled due

to unforeseen circumstances.

– No one under the age of 13 admitted. Ages 13-18 only with

parent or legal guardian.

– No alcohol will be served or permitted during the event.

– This event is for entertainment purposes only. We can’t

guarantee you will have a paranormal experience.

– The ticket price does not include your travel, rental car,

lodging (unless you purchase a room package), or other travel


– You are responsible for your own transportation to and from

the event.

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