About Legend Trips

How do we know that Legend Trips can provide you with the best paranormal adventures?

Because we’re legend trippers, too. The folks behind Ghostvillage.com and the popular Spooky Southcoast Radio Show have teamed up for Legend Trips!

We want to be in the dark, holding a flashlight as the hairs on the back of our necks stand up. We want to be taking that next step into the unknown. We love trying to use science to explain the paranormal, but we also know the value of a good legend.

We also know the true “star” of any paranormal event is the paranormal phenomena itself. Legend Trips is designed to bring you the chance to investigate some of the coolest paranormal locations in a unique and organized manner. Whether it’s a historic haunt, a UFO crash site, or the woods where Bigfoot is believed to roam, we want to check it out for ourselves. And we’re going to bring you along for the ride!

We’ll provide you with intriguing lectures from some of the most interesting people working in the field. But these are no mere meet-and-greet autograph sessions with reality show stars; this is the meat-and-potatoes of the paranormal. Sure, there will be familiar faces, but they’ll be involved because of their wealth of knowledge on a particular case or location, not because they have a TV show. And they’ll also be investigating right alongside you.

Whether you’re a seasoned paranormal investigator or a first-timer, a true believer or a hardened skeptic, Legend Trips is designed to be for everyone. Newbies can learn alongside the veterans as well as from our knowledgeable staff and special guests, and we’ll even have equipment on-hand to learn about and utilize. Those who have been at it for a long time can learn new approaches and ideas, and hear about some of the most cutting-edge theories while also remembering the good, old-fashioned folklore of it all.

Our events are fun and affordable, and while we can’t guarantee you will have a paranormal experience, we can’t promise you that you won’t have one, either!

Join us, and become part of these amazing legends!

Our Friends:

Trig Photography – Featuring the awesome HDRI photography of our friend, Frank C. Grace, whose work you see on LegendTrips.com.

Stolze Designs – Matt Stolze is a phenomenal graphic artist who created the Legend Trips logo.

Past Event Guests:

Robert Murch – Ouija Board collector and historian.

Andrew Lake – Author and paranormal researcher.

Spirit Medium Tiffany Rice – Massachusetts-based Spirit Medium.

Spirit Medium Stephanie Burke – Massachusetts-based Spirit Medium.